Advantages for Clients  

The right people. The right process. The right infrastructure.

The synergy of these vital factors has contributed to the success of NGUSoft in meeting the needs of its global customer base. The solutions provided by the company are designed, developed and integrated by a team of executives, project managers and computer science engineers, the collective experience of whom spans several decades in the IT industry.

NGUSoft Solutions allow organizations to increase revenues, decrease operational costs, realize improved customer service and gain strategic advantage. NGUSoft has an impeccable record of successful delivering of enterprise IT solutions on time and within budget. NGUSoft brings to bear disciplined project management, domain expertise, functional expertise and deep experience with best-in-class technologies to deliver high tangible results.


We design & develop projects using SCRUM agile methodology which gives the following advantages:

  • For you, SCRUM delivers projects with less surprises, creates working software faster, and that software tends to have very few defects. It allows you to change your mind whenever you need to, with minimal cost. It produces reliable estimates so you can coordinate your schedule easier.
  • For us, SCRUM delivers working software for less money, and the software is more likely to do what the end users actually want. It cuts risk in a couple ways: 1) It allows you to "pull the plug" on development at almost any time, and still have highly valuable code, and probably even a valuable working (if incomplete) application. 2) It reduces our dependence on individual star developers, and at the same time can improve employee satisfaction and retention.
  • For developers, SCRUM allows you to focus on coding and avoid needless paperwork and meetings. It provides a more social atmosphere, more opportunities to learn new skills, and a chance to go home at a decent hour each night. It gives them very frequent feelings of achievement, and generally allows you to produce code that you feel good about.

Quality Commitment

NGUSoft is well on the road to setting international benchmarks in the area of Process Improvement and Quality. With a focus on Products, People and Processes, the organization-wide quality improvement program enables our customers to provide world-class solutions and services to the external customers which exceed their expectations first time and every time.

Team environment

Employees participate in decision-making and profit sharing fostering the "It is my responsibility" attitude. Knowledge, experience and interaction inherent in the team approach greatly enhance the design and development and Implementation process.

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