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NGUSoft's staffing division is the perfect solution for organizations looking to retain project control, yet need outside expertise or additional manpower to achieve measurable successes. NGUSoft will send only the most qualified candidates as quickly as you need them. NGUSoft thoroughly screens candidates based on your specific criteria, ensuring the right fit, every time for all of your technical resource needs. To better help our clients, we stay tuned to their business needs, corporate culture and overall strategic objectives. This knowledge enhances our recruiting team's ability to provide qualified candidates for even the most obscure skills sets.


NGUSoft's Staffing division uses our time-tested, multi-pronged approach to fulfilling your technical staffing needs. You will not find this level of service from the multi-national staffing agencies that attempt to provide services to all sectors of the economy.
Need Identified: You identify a need within your team and communicate it to your NGUSoft Account Manager. Your NGUSoft Account Manager will review the position, ensuring that it is complete and accurate and will then enter the requisition into NGUSoft's Web-based recruitment system.

Sourcing: Our global recruiting team immediately begins working to fill your requisition. Our recruiters review candidates that have been automatically identified by our recruiting system as well as other passive and active candidates. All potential candidates are personally interviewed to ensure a good match. A shortlist of potential candidates is generated.

Screening: Short listed candidates are phone screened by our recruiters and technical experts, further qualifying candidates. Once we are satisfied that a candidate meets expectations, you are then presented with the candidate's resume and a firm bill rate.

Interview: You, the client, have the option to interview the presented candidate(s) with no obligation.
Offer: If you are interested in having the candidate join your team, let us know. NGUSoft handles all HR-related issues, freeing the candidate to focus on your project.

Follow up: Your NGUSoft Account Manager will follow up regularly to ensure that the candidate is meeting, or exceeding, your expectations.

Extensions: One month before the assignment ends, your NGUSoft Account Manager will contact you to check if you wish to extend the engagement.


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